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Hot Links for Students

Student Resources

University Web Sites


     Arizona State                               Cal State Fullerton

     Cal State Dominguez Hills          Cal State Long Beach

     Harvard                                       Northwestern

     Notre Dame                                 Ohio State

     Penn State University                 San Diego State

     Stanford                                       UC Berkeley

     UC Riverside                                UC Santa Barbara

     UCLA                                            University of Colorado

     University of Michigan                University of Nebraska

     University of Oregon                   University of Utah

     University of Washington           University of Wisconsin

     USC                                              Washington State


Computer Lab Links

Typing Test - A test to see how fast you can type


Office 365 - Microsoft Office Online
Typing Lessons - Excellent site for learning how to type
XtraMAth - Site for mastering basic math facts


Edcite - Great site for practicing tests and assignments with students


All About Me - A worksheet for you to fill so that someone could know all about you


OARS - Testing site for all our needs


LearnZillion - Here you will find this weeks math lesson from the LearnZillion website


Mobymax - A website were students can sign in to their accounts and learn various lessons from math to language arts

Khan Academy - A great educational website that both teaches and tests students on many different subjects.
ABCYA - Interactive game that measures angles with a protractor


Cool Apps for IPAD Learning - Make it Fun!

more cool apps that will help your child achieve